Saturday, November 20, 2004 you will find today in your newspapers, even articles about Fillon project.

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Saturday, November 20, 2004 you will find today in your newspapers, even articles about Fillon project. They detail the reactions to the different measures proposed: reform of the baccalaureate, replacement of teachers, repetition. Most are hostile and denounce both the lack of ambition and simultaneously educational regression of certain measures. In mankind, we find a platform that opposes the report Thelot but I extract this sentence should question any teacher: "The values ??exist only in practices that build: this is where the pedagogy is fundamentally political. ". Put our values ??into practice … Good Reading … ————————————— ——- Liberation 20/11/04 Nothing seen … ——————————- ————— Le Figaro 20/11/04 reform bachelor encounters resistance having dithered throughout the day Thursday to announce the fact reform tray Francois Fillon has finally decided to embark shortly before entering the plateau of France 2. "I advocate a reform because our system is too complicated, it requires organization increasingly perilous to set up and shortens the school year in two or three weeks, "so said Minister of Education before the cameras, offering to submit half of the trials (six of twelve) in continuous assessment. If Francois Fillon has long hesitated to make this announcement is that the Prime Minister is not convinced of the need for such reform. It is true that the idea of ??continuous monitoring has been proposed many times in the past by education ministers therein are broken teeth. Claude Allegre, himself had to retreat. Shortly after he left the ministry … Opponents of the change are on the side of teachers, including SNES (listed left), the majority union in the second degree, and the SNALC (listed at right). Read more of the article Mixed reactions to the proposals of the Minister This is a marathon that starts to the Minister of Education. On Monday, he received the social partners of Education to discuss the fourteen proposals to base the future framework law for school. The project should be ready in early December and then submitted to the Higher Education Council (advisory body) before Christmas and presented by the Cabinet in January. Consideration by Parliament should follow in the spring. For now, if the measures announced by the Minister do not face outright opposition from unions or parents, they nonetheless raise many critics. […] Read the rest of the article —————————————- — Humanity of 20/11/04 Report Thelot, some reflections by Daniel Rome, co-host of the network for the progressive transformation of the school. In the report Thelot written to "help government thinking" we see that it is part of an overall coherence of a political project that challenges our social protection system, the Labor Code and the rights of employees in the company, particularly in regard to dismissal, the right to strike, the tax reform and the privatization of public services, or the security policy of Perben and Sarkozy. These choices are in line with neoliberal policies or social-liberal prevailing in Europe. They would be aggravated if the draft Constitutional Treaty was adopted. We should also note that we find similarities in what is advertised in the Thelot report and what the OECD suggests. […] The question seems fundamental is to consider that every child, every student has a huge intellectual potential and that school must awaken this potential, seek intelligence in all learning, break with the logic of restitution of knowledge in favor of a logical understanding, appropriation and construction of knowledge. But when the Minister of Education proposes to go back to "read write count", he openly announces an educational bias that is not innocent. Are tens of dictations allow appropriate the grammar of a language? What kind of dictations are we talking about? If it comes to dictation solidarity learning time, because knowledge is a difficult conquest that requires attention and rigor, I think the dictation can be helpful. If instead it is to assess the good and bad to sort socially in elementary school, dictation has another function that must be fought. As Jean Bernardin, "We need to educate the attention because the vast majority of errors are inadvertent errors. This practice (dictation) allows ALL my students to be successful because everyone has internalized that writing requires attention and reflection, requires to construct knowledge, language becomes accessible to all and bet ALL ABLE, a . reality "[…]" the values ??exist only in practices that build: this is where teaching is fundamentally political. " Read the rest of the article —————————————— ———- Le Parisien 20/11/04 what propose anti-Fillon 1. repetition 2. bin 3. teachers requisitions PROPOSALS the Minister of Education to make " fairer school, more efficient and more open, "announced on Thursday evening caused an avalanche of reactions, largely negative. "Retrograde nostalgic and Design", "lack of ambition and resources," "demagogic and reactionary" … As expected, Francois Fillon is especially criticized by the teachers’ unions but also by the two main federations of parents. Ideas that will be further discussed prior to submission by the Cabinet before a law passed in the spring and an application entry in September 2006. Review details about the three most criticized measures. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- —— the
Cross of Nothing seen … 20/11/04 ——————————— —————- 20 minutes No diary the weeek-end ————————- ———————— Le Monde 21-22 / 11/04 child protection, indirect victim of decentralization Claire Brisset, defender of children, presented Friday its report to the head of State, on the eve of the national Day of children’s rights. She denounces the lack of "unified policy" of the state or the disparities between departments, and proposes to establish an independent authority Read more of the article Trade Unions and parents criticized the reform Fillon Unions and representatives of parents have welcomed the newly proposed reform of the framework law on education presented Thursday, November 18, Francois Fillon during the show "100 minutes to convince" on France 2 Read more Article Posted by ——————————————— Watrelot to Saturday, November 20, 2004

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